Top 5 Reasons You Need To E-file Form 941 for Quarter 3

Here’s why employers and business owners are choosing to e-file Form 941 for 2020. 

As a business owner, you’ve had to decide to do a lot of things electronically this year. We’ve learned that some meetings were always meant to be emails and office parties can get a little weird over zoom. 

Since we’re getting closer to the Form 941 deadline, and it’s time to plan your filing process. As you think about the safety of your business and your employees, IRS requirements are one thing that is always better to take care of online. Here are the top 5 reasons employers choose to e-file Form 941.

1-The IRS Recommends E-filing 

The number one reason to e-file Form 941 is that the IRS recommends it. E-filing makes processing your forms more convenient for the IRS, which means a quicker turnaround and less wait time for your business. 

E-filing is the fastest choice when it comes to filing Form 941, but recently, with social distancing and COVID-19 precautions in place, it’s also safer for IRS employees. Skip the paper form backup line and eliminate mailing lag times when you e-file Form 941.

For more information on Form 941 requirements, click here

2-Easiest Filing Method 

 E-filing is the easiest way to file Form 941 for your business. Our software generates the correct forms and guides you through all your data entry fields. Fillable forms and helpful prompts make it easy to enter the correct information. You can input your information and complete your form in minutes. 

To e-file Form 941 with ExpressEfile, you simply select the right quarter, enter your business information and any COVID-19 related tax relief, review your form, and transmit to the IRS.

Click here to get prepared for the new data-entry fields on the newly updated Form 941.  

3- Catch Mistakes

E-filing is the best way to avoid mistakes on Form 941. Paper filing usually means rereading your form and hoping you see where you made a mistake. When you file with ExpressEfile, our software runs an internal audit, checking for typos and discrepancies that could get your business penalized. 

Once you find mistakes on your Form 941, e-filing makes them easy to correct. You’ll be able to review your form, adjust any amounts, and transmit to the IRS.

 If you find a mistake on a previously filed Form 941, you can correct it by filing Form 941-X. The IRS just updated Form 941-X for COVID-19 tax relief. Click here for all the details.

4- Instant Notifications

Once you e-file with the IRS, there’s no waiting game. ExpressEfile sends you instant notifications on your status. When your tax return gets accepted, you’ll know right away. 

5- Keep Track Easily 

E-filing makes record keeping easy. If you like to have a paper copy of your form, that’s still an option when you file Form 941 online. You can download and print your forms or select ExpressEfile’s print and mail option and we’ll send copies right to you. 

When it’s time to file Form 941 this tax season, choose e-filing for a modern, safe, and seamless filing experience.

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