E-file Form W2 and 1099 for the Lowest Price – ExpressEfile Pricing Explained..!

Choosing to e-file is a smart way to do your tax filings and choosing an e-file provider is a smarter way. E-file providers help you file Forms securely and accurately and the entire filing process is made simple.

ExpressEfile is an IRS authorized e-file service provider that offers you different services to file your W2 and 1099 Forms with the lowest pricing in the market. With our easy to navigate cloud-based software, filling your Form W2 and 1099 will be done really quick.

Get the Lowest E-file Price for Form W2 and 1099 with ExpressEfile

ExpressEfile offers three different services to file your W2/1099 Forms.

  • IRS E-file Compliance Service
  • Complete Compliance Service
  • Do It Yourself Service

Complete Compliance Service – A complete solution at the lowest price

Are you looking for a service where you could file forms online and where mailing copies are taken care of? ExpressEfile’s Complete Compliance Service is here to get you what you need with your W2/1099 filing and the process is simple too.

According to the IRS, it is the employer’s responsibility to make sure the form copies are sent to the employees. We take care of sending employee copies and help you stay completely compliant. 

  1. Choose “Form W2/Form 1099” and enter the form details in the fillable form.
  2. Choose “Complete Compliance Service” after which the forms are validated.
  3. The validated forms are then transmitted to the IRS.
  4. We also send your form copies to the employees/recipients.

You can stay assured of being IRS Compliant. Now, are you puzzled how much the entire process will cost you?

ExpressEfile offers the lowest price for the complete filing solution, where mailing copies are taken care of too. Enjoy all for $2.99/form.

IRS E-file Compliance – E-file solution at valued pricing

Do you just need to efile W2/1099 with the IRS?

ExpressEfile’s IRS E-file Compliance solution will be your perfect solution. The service makes sure that your forms are validated before transmitting with the IRS. 

  1. Choose “Form W2/Form 1099” and enter the form details in the fillable form.
  2. Choose “IRS E-file Compliance” and we will take care of the validation process and then filing the forms with the IRS.
  3. You can generate, download, and print the forms and mail them to your employees/recipients.

The valued pricing offered by ExpressEfile to file Form W2/1099 is $1.49/form. Staying compliant will no longer be a challenge with ExpressEfile.

Do It Yourself Service – A free solution

The service is for someone who wants to take care of the filing and mailing process all by themselves but looking for an Online fillable form. 

  1. Choose “Form W2/Form 1099
  2. Fill in the form details
  3. Download and print the forms

The service is totally free and no charges are imposed for generating or downloading the form copies.

ExpressEfile – A simple process and the lowest price to file your Form W2/1099.

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