Warning! Four Days Left to File Your IRS Forms!

Small business owner filing her IRS forms because deadline for filing Form W-2 and 1099-MISC is less than 4 days away


The deadline for filing your independent contractors’ 1099-MISC Forms is four days away! Information return Form 1099-MISC is used to report nonemployee compensation during the previous fiscal year and is due January 31st. If you still need to file, choose ExpressEfile as your one stop shop for generating free blank 1099-MISC Forms.


Warning! Four Days Left to File Your IRS Forms!

At ExpressEfile you can generate free fillable 1099-MISC Forms for all of you independent contractors. After creating your account access our Form 1099-MISC Generator to enter all of your independent contractors’ information in the provided fields. Once you have completed your form(s), you can download or print 1099-MISC Form(s).


Remember, you are responsible for submitting copies of Form 1099-MISC to your independent contractors and the IRS. You will also need to keep a copy of the completed forms for your business records.


E-Filing and Postal Mailing Add-Ons

The deadline for filing Form W-2 and 1099-MISC is less than 4 days awayLet’s face it, e-filing your 1099-MISC Forms is the best way to file an accurate tax return. When you use our tax filing software to e-file, it will help you avoid making mistakes by automatically checking for errors. ExpressEfile is an IRS-authorized provider meaning we meet strict security guidelines. We use secure encryption technology to protect your tax and business information.


Upgrade from paper filing to e-filing for just $0.99 per form and e-file your 1099-MISC Forms in just a few clicks!


E-file: $0.99 Per Form


Save yourself time and money by choosing our e-filing plus postal mailing add-on. Instantly print your IRS forms and let us mail your employee recipient copies on your behalf. Save yourself a handful of stamps! There is no need to rush to your local post office! Our Rock Hill, SC office will professionally print all of your IRS forms and mail them out the following business day. The bottom line is that e-filing is much easier than doing your taxes by hand and physically mailing paper tax forms. Upgrade to E-Filing + Postal Mailing today!


E-Filing + Postal Mailing: $2.29 Per Form


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