Your Affordable IRS E-filing and Mailing Solution

Single digit employer uses ExpressEfile to file her employees W-2 forms because it is an affordable IRS e-filing and mailing solutionThe deadline for filing your employee’s W-2 Forms is less than a week away! Still, haven’t filed? Well, you seriously need to hustle! Form W2, the Wage and Tax Statement reporting wages paid to employees and taxes withheld during the previous fiscal year is due January 31st. If you still need to file, choose ExpressEfile, your affordable IRS e-filing, and mailing solution.

The Affordable IRS E-filing and Mailing Solution

Free W-2 Form Online

Good thing you can generate free printable W-2 Forms with ExpressEfile! Fill out the required fields then generate your fillable W-2 Forms for your employees and the IRS. You can also take advantage of our W-2 Form download feature to keep a copy for your business records. There is no limit to the number of free blank W-2 Forms you can create for your small business.

E-Filing and Postal Mailing-File w2 Options

Small business owner using ExpressEfile as an affordable IRS e-filing and mailing solutionOur sister product, TaxBandits, caters to the needs of medium-size businesses as a full-service e-filing solution. However, we understand as a single digit employer you do not need an overpriced and confusing tax filing program. Get back to basics with an affordable IRS e-filing and mailing solution designed for your small business.

Upgrade from paper filing to e-filing for just $0.99 per form, that’s right, it’s less than a dollar! Before submission, your forms will undergo our built-in error check to ensure error-free IRS form transmissions. Quickly and securely e-file your W-2 Forms in just a few clicks!

E-file: $0.99 Per Form

Save time and money when you choose our e-filing plus postal mailing add-on. Instantly print your IRS forms or let us mail your employee recipient copies on your behalf. Our Rock Hill, SC office will professionally print all of your IRS forms and mail them out the following business day.

E-Filing + Postal Mailing: $2.29 Per Form

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*Completely Risk-Free and No Need for Your Credit Card Information*

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