The Top 3 Form 2290 Filing Tips for Truckers

Truckers, it’s that time of year again! Heavy vehicle owners need to file HVUT Form 2290 to keep their trucks legal and avoid IRS penalties. Here are our top Form 2290 filing tips:

1- Know Your Form 2290 Deadline

The normal tax period for heavy-weight vehicles is July 1, 2021 to June 30, 2022. If you put a new vehicle on the road during this tax year, your Form 2290 due date is the last day of the month following your first use month. 

For vehicles following the regular tax period, the Form 2290 due date is August 31, 2021. This is also the due date for vehicles with a July First Use Month (FUM).

2- Get Your Information Ready

When you file Form 2290 for your vehicle, there’s a lot to report. The best way to keep your filing process smooth is to have your information ready. Here is what you’ll need: 

Business Details 

When you file Form 2290, you’ll need to provide some basic information, like your business’s name, address, and EIN.


Form 2290 requires your Employer Identification Number (EIN). This number lets the IRS know who you are, and is mandatory on Form 2290. If you don’t have your EIN yet, you will need to apply for one.


In addition to your EIN, you’ll also need to provide your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). This ID number is unique to your truck and can often be found on the lower left corner of your dashboard.


Be sure about your vehicle’s First Use Month (FUM) when you file Form 2290. Your FUM is the first month you drove your vehicle on the road for the tax period. Not only does this date determine your Form 2290 deadline, it’s also required on your return. 

For the August 31, 2021 Form 2290 deadline, your FUM should be July.

Taxable Gross Weight

Your vehicle’s taxable gross weight is its unloaded weight plus the plus the weight of the maximum load it hauls. Your vehicle should be fully equipped for service for its unloaded weight. Be sure to also include the weight of any trailers or semi-trailers in this number.

3- E-file Your Form 2290 in minutes

When you’re preparing to file Form 2290 for the 2021-22 tax period, it’s important to pick your filing method. The IRS requires e-filing if you’re filing for 25 or more vehicles. Even if you are not, e-filing is the IRS recommendation and the easiest way for truckers to meet their 2290 filing requirements. 

Visit this blog to find out the top 5 reasons truckers choose to e-file.

Working with an e-file provider is a great way to fill out your forms easily and avoid mistakes. With ExpressEfile, you can e-file Form 2290 in 4 quick steps:

Step 1: Enter Your Business Information

Step 2: Enter Your Vehicle Details

Step 3: Select Your Preferred Payment Method

Step 4: Review Your Form and Transmit

Want to get ahead of your Form 2290 deadline? Click here to find out about pre-filing Form 2290 for 2021-22.

As soon as the IRS accepts your return, you’ll receive your stamped Schedule 1 by email. We’re here to help with awesome, U.S.-based support. Don’t wait until the last minute, pre-file Form 2290 today and keep your vehicles IRS compliant for the 2021-22 tax period. 

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