Your Checklist for Meeting the 2021-22 Form 2290 Deadline

Calling all drivers, owner-operators, and fleets, where is your Form 2290? If your first month of use is July, then it is due to the IRS in just a few days! The deadline to file Form 2290 for the 2021-22 tax year is Tomorrow, August 31. 

Are you running out of time to file and feeling the pressure build-up? Failing to make your Heavy Vehicle Use Tax payment to the IRS can put you at a standstill. Don’t worry ExpressE-File is here to help you out! This is a checklist of all the information you need to know in order to file with the IRS and stay compliant and road-ready. 

Do I Need to File the Form 2290? 

If you or your drivers are operating vehicles with a weight of 55,000 pounds or more, you are required to file Form 2290 and pay a Heavy use Vehicle Tax (HVUT) to the IRS. This is a package deal, you can’t make your payment without filing Form 2290. This is because Form 2290 is specifically designed to help you calculate your HVUT payment. Failing to file and make your HVUT payment can result in costly penalties. 

So, the short answer is if your truck weighs at least 55,000 pounds, yes! 

What about Schedule 1? 

2290 Schedule 1 is an extremely important piece of the puzzle that is your IRS compliance. This document provides proof that you have paid your HVUT. This is needed to operate your truck on any public roads, this includes federal, state, and local roads. All truckers should keep a copy of this in their truck at all times. Schedule 1 is needed when it comes to keeping your licensing and staying up to date with your DMV. 

How do I make my HVUT Payment to the IRS? 

There are a few options for making your HVUT payment, here they are: 

  • Pay by check or money order
  • Pay by credit or debit card
    • You will need to use a third-party credit card processor, a list of IRS approves options can be found here
  • Pay by Electronic Funds Withdrawal (EFW)
  • Pay by Electronic Federal Tax Payment System (EFTPS)

Did you know that when you e-file your Form 2290 with TaxBandits, you can easily schedule your payment using the Electronic Funds Withdrawal option? It’s true, this is just another way that we help you meet your deadline!

E-file Form 2290 in minutes with ExpressEfile

Now that we have covered Form 2290 requirements, Schedule 1, and HVUT payment options, let’s talk about the actual filing process. You can file a paper copy of Form 2290 with the IRS, but filing 2290 electronically is the better option for so many reasons. First of all, at ExpressE-File, we run error checks to help ensure the accuracy of your form. With a paper form, simple errors are much more likely. 

With ExpressEfile you will get instant notifications and instead of waiting weeks for your Schedule 1 to arrive by mail, you will receive it by email within minutes! Plus, we offer the lowest pricing in the market with a filing fee starting at just $6.90. Are you ready to start filing your Form 2290? 
Stay road-ready by creating a free ExpressE-File account today!

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