3 Time-Saving Reasons to Switch from Paper Filing to E-filing 941 for Q3

At ExpressEFile, we understand small businesses. As the owner of a small business, you have a long to-do list. You may be the owner of the business but you are probably also the manager, accountant, and sometimes tax preparer for your business as well!

One of your biggest IRS filing responsibilities is filing Form 941 every quarter. If your business, like many, is claiming credits for the quarter, this is probably a much more complicated filing process these days!

As we near the end of 2021, you are beginning to prepare your business for a smooth year-end. That can mean hiring and training seasonal employees, implementing new marketing strategies, and preparing for your year-end filing. We want to help you save your valuable time and avoid the stress of manual filing this quarter!

If you’re not e-filing Form 941, here are three major, time-saving reasons to make the switch! 

E-filing Form 941 is Efficient

As a small business owner, you’re always searching for a time hack. If it can save you time and boost efficiency, it’s good for your business. That’s one of the best benefits of 941 filing IRS tax forms electronically. 

Let’s talk about filing paper forms…you have to print the form, pay for postage, and find time in your busy schedule to drop by the post office. That’s extra time that would be better spent elsewhere.

When you file electronically, your form is transmitted to the IRS with the click of a button! You won’t have to worry about when it will arrive at the IRS or if it might get lost along the way, with ExpressEFile, we provide instant updates on your form status. 

There you have it, less time spent filing, and no time spent worrying about the status of your Form 941. 

E-filing Form 941 is Accurate & Time saving

All the time in the world spent filing a tax form is a waste if the tax form isn’t accurate. Mistakes on Form 941 can catch up with you in the form of interest and penalties. When you e-file, specifically with ExpressEFile, we help you avoid common errors and file accurate forms. We run error checks to make sure that your form complies with the IRS business rules. 

All worksheets needed for the third quarter Form 941 are built into ExpressEFile’s filing process with automatic calculations. This saves you time and eliminates the chance that you make mathematical errors. We also offer live customer support and a helpful knowledge base filled with information to help you file! 

E-filing Form 941 is Secure

Our company is SOC 2 certified, this is one of the highest distinctions available in our industry. Our application is built with the security of your data in mind, after all, we have a decade of experience! 

When you mail a paper copy of Form 941 to the IRS, there is no way to guarantee the safety of your sensitive information. Anyone can access the information inside, you don’t want your EIN, business information, or signature falling into the wrong hands. Keep this in mind when you file all of your IRS tax forms!

So, are you convinced? Ready to make the switch and simplify your quarterly Form 941 filing? 

To get started, create your free account with ExpressEFile today! You can file your Form 941 for just $3.99, less than the cost of a pumpkin spice latte at your favorite coffee shop!

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