Get the Lowest Price In the Industry When You E-file Form 2290

Truckers can file HVUT Form 2290 and get their IRS stamped Schedule 1 in minutes, starting at just 6.90.

After ten years of supporting commercial drivers and transportation professionals, we know American truckers work hard, value doing things right, and expect quality. 

If you’ve heard that e-filing Form 2290 is the IRS recommendation but you don’t want to turn your filing process over to an expensive e-file provider and get charged major fees, we’re here to help. Meeting your HVUT Form 2290 filing requirements has never been easier or more affordable. 

Getting the lowest price doesn’t have to mean sacrificing quality. Here is what we offer: 

Easy Form 2290 Filing

With ExpressEfile, you can e-file Form 2290 simply and get your IRS stamped Schedule 1 back in just a few minutes. Our software allows you to bulk upload your information in a variety of formats for up to 24 vehicles at a time. You’ll be able to manage all of your vehicles in one place, and our software will walk you through your forms easily. 

Click here for our guide to getting all your information prepared to file Form 2290 online


The most important selling point of good tax software is safety for your business and your financial information. ExpressEfile is an IRS-authorized e-file provider. We prioritize cyber security and have been working to make Form 2290 and the Heavy Weight Vehicle Use Tax (HVUT) safe and simple for truck owners and commercial drivers for years. 

Form 2290 Error Check

When you’re providing all the information that’s required for Form 2290 filing, it can be easy to make a mistake or input a number incorrectly. Especially if you are filing at the last minute and inputting your information quickly, typos are a common risk. 

Unfortunately, errors on Form 2290 can stop your return from being accepted by the IRS. Getting your return rejected can cause you to miss the Form 2290 deadline and lead to penalties, so we are doing everything in our power to safeguard against mistakes. Our Form 2290 filing software runs an internal audit, double checking all your information for discrepancies before transmitting it to the IRS.  

If your return gets rejected for any reason, you can always retransmit it for free when you file Form 2290 online with us. Click here for more information on IRS 2290 penalties and how you can avoid them. 

Tax Support

It’s normal to run into questions when you’re filing Form 2290. Some e-file providers charge high rates and don’t offer support, but ExpressEfile is always here to get you reliable answers when you need them. Our team is 100% U.S.-based and here to help. You can email us at

Click here for the four things you’ll need to know when you file Form 2290. 

File Form 2290 For the Lowest Price 

ExpressEfile offers Form 2290 filing for the lowest price in the industry, starting at just $6.90 for a single vehicle. If you’re looking for a no-frills tax solution, we are the fastest, most affordable, and most trustworthy way to file Form 2290 yourself.

We recognize the way truckers have been keeping America going during these difficult times. Truck owners deserve the technology to avoid IRS penalties and they should never have to overpay. We value your hard work and your business and so providing great tax software at rates you can trust is our top priority.

Start filing today!

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